Pre-K - Kindergarten

        Pre-K & Kindergarten
Enrolling your child in Pre-Kindergarten ( Pre-K) is an essential step which prepares them as they begin their academic journey into Kindergarten and other grades.  In Pre-K they are exposed to the learning environment of school.  They encounter other children their own age and learn the social basics and academic foundations that are expected of them before they enter Kindergarten. This gives each child an additional advantage.   Each child is evaluated and progresses at their own rate.
It's fun! It's positive! It's preparatory!
All aboard! Mrs. Joachim’s  (fondly known as 'Mrs. J.' ) Pre-K   express  train is about to depart. Destination FUN!!!  Come join us as we explore  God's  wonderful world around us!  Experience our language rich games in literacy, math, science, health, safety, physical development, art and community. Your child will enjoy learning through highly engaging activities and he/she will develop a solid foundation for continued learning.  Come share the fun! Learning is FUN!

Pre-K School Supply List: (Newly added items highlighted in Orange)
(generic brands are fine, supplies are shared within the class)
1.(2) box of tissues
2. crayons
3. (6) glue sticks
4. play dough- colorful, small can, multi pack. Playdough brand please
5. bottle of hand sanitizer
6. 2pks colorful multi pack of dry erase markers
7. 1" hard back binder
8. 26-3 hole clear pocket sheet protector
9. Good quality headphones/$5 & up
10.*DoodlePro (DoodlePro brand please.)
11.*Crayola or CraZart washable 8 Pack Markers regular(not thin)

(These brands please.)
12.Pack of construction paper
13.White dish pan
14. (1) box Bandaids
15 (1) container disinfecting wipes

Kindergarten School Supply List:
1. (3) boxes of tissues
2. (
2) large bottles of hand sanitizer
3. (1) good quality headphones $5 & up
4. (1) playdough multipack
5. (1) white 1" binder with custom cover pocket
6. a spoon and fork from home - minimizes waste from plastic utensils
7. large pack of paperplates 
25 pack -3 hole clear pocket sheet protector