Grades: 9-10
Grades: 9-10


9th, 10th & 11th Grade

Please help us welcome our new resident Math and Science genius,

Dr. Donaldson Williams.

With the addition of 11th grade, it has become even more important that we instruct in the Math and Science areas at the highest level possible.  That is why we are so happy to introduce Dr. Williams.  He has taught in multiple grade levels including high-school in urban and rural schools for over 25 years. 

Mr. Armstrong will be covering Bible classes and performance groups again so that he can stay in touch with the students on a daily basis. 

Mr. Geach will still be delving into the inner workings of our natural neighbors as well as literature and of course, P.E.

Mr. Armstrong is looking forward to spending his time developing the overall programs for your students and making the arts a wonderful part of their life.



Look for the 9th -11th grade schedule coming soon.

Supplies that your student will need for their course work and projects this year:  (Orange indicates new item)

 1. Scientific Calculator
2. 4 -12 Packs #2 plain yellow pencils           
3. Compass and Protractor
4. Dry Erase Marker set with cleaning fluid and eraser
5. Colored Pencils (Water Color Pencils are preferred
6. Scissors                   
7. Crayons
8. 1 Personal Pencil Sharpener                                          
9. 2 Packages of 3x5 Index Cards
10. Glue sticks and tape
11. 1 Ruler (inches &centimeters)                           
12. 1 nicely bound journal (diary) for daily journaling
13. 1 Packet of Construction paper
14. Spiral Bound Artist pad for drawing
15. Three spiral bound single subject note books                    
16. A 2 inch, 3 Ring binder
17. 5 packs of loose-leaf lined paper             
18. Dictionary
19. Bible (New Internal Version, or other Modern version)            
20. 1 Zippered pencil pouch
21. 1 Box Tissues

22.  Students will need to provide their own combination lock for the locker available to them.

23.  Good quality headphones/$5 & up